To be a witness of Jesus Christ in our community of Manchester


To serve spititual needs of all christians and people of good will. Special attention for ukrainian community and other nations connected with ukrainian families. The Church is opened for everybody who is looking for Jesus Christ and sens of life.

The Mission Of Our Parish Today

1. To embody the vision and instructions of the decree "Living Parish 2020", as issued by the Synod of the Ukrainian Catholic Church.

2. To proclaim the Word of God and encourage all to instil the Faith in their souls, enabling them to lead their lives like true believers in Our Lord Jesus Christ!

3. To assist members of the Church Parish Council in achieving the projected Parish mission and duties.

4. To foster spiritual care of the parishioners.

5. To ensure the celebration of all the Sacraments of the Church.

6. To celebrate daily and Sunday Liturgies (Mon.―Sat. 10.00 am, Sundays 9.00, 10.30, 18.00); every first Sunday of the Month—Holy Mass in Stoke-on -Trent

7. To ensure monthly prayers for the spiritual and physical well-being of our children, youths and families.

8. To visit the sick in hospitals, care- or nursing homes and at home.

9. To organise altar service in order to assist the priest and support tasks at the altar.

10. To form a Church Confraternity in order to render parish life more active and dynamic.

11. To establish a Church Sisterhood in order to promote more active involvement in church prayer.

12. To create a group of church cantors for the correct singing during various Liturgies of our Byzantine-Ukrainian Rite.

13. To prepare children for their First Confession and Holy Communion.

14. To organise Catechism classes.

15. Together with the children to dress the Christmas Tree in church and to go carol singing with them.

16. To ensure the blessing of houses and families each year on the Feast of Epiphany (19th January).

17. To organise the Community "Sviachene" (Easter meal) at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre of AUGB in Manchester.

18. To ensure prayers for the deceased parish members and the blessing of their graves during Easter.

19. To guarantee the blessing of newly purchased homes, as also the blessing of houses after a new home settling.

20. To facilitate the presence of the parish priest at social, religious and cultural events, held by the local organisations.

21. To guarantee participation of different Christian denominations, other than Catholic (Orthodox, Protestants etc.) in our Divine Liturgy or other liturgical services, using also English or other languages.

22. To inform of the parish activities through social networking services (Internet, parish Web-site, Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, Parish Bulletin).

23. To hold a short sermon after the reading of the Gospel during everyday Mass.

24. Last, but not least, our church is the abode of God, our Father, therefore we are His children. It’s only right that we visit Him, because He loved us so much, as to have made His only Son, Jesus Christ, suffer the torment of the cross for our salvation. In Him we will find forgiveness.